Subway Prophet

…and the words of the prophets were written on the subway walls…

Still here…

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Greetings from Michigan! The past month has been a whirl wind of experiences all of which would have made for some great blog posts (and some have been written as drafts and may get published later), but I wanted to introduce my newest post. I am currently serving in my Field Education placement and will be working with a church here in Michigan. As I have different experiences and learn what will be many lessons I will try and think through those theologically here. As I have time and energy to edit and revise some older posts I will, but for now, I look forward to sharing my reflections on my first weekend.



Author: subway prophet

I am a husband, father, and Provisional Elder in the United Methodist Church currently appointed to Memorial UMC in Fernandina Beach, FL. I am a proud graduate of Duke Divinity School and Florida Southern College as well as member of the Wesley Study Centre and St. Johns College in Durham, UK. All posts are my own opinions at the time they are posted and I reserve the ability to change my mind and opinions as I continue to listen to the Holy Spirit and read Scripture with those around me.

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