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Meet Little Wesley


This summer during my Field Education church placement, I had the pleasure to attend an Asbury Theological School sponsored lecture with my supervising pastor, Bobby. During that lecture, one of the door prizes was a doll of John Wesley (which serves as their seminary mascot). Unfortunately, I was not the winner, however, as I was leaving, Bobby gave me one of my very own as a going away present. I am not sure if he was making fun of my Methodist nerdiness, or thought that I might need a travelling companion, however, I was really excited about it.

One of my main goals for this year is to explore deeper my Wesleyan tradition. I am hoping to visit some of the historical Methodist landmarks and learn our history in Britain after the American Revolutionary War and so I think it will be neat to use Little Wesley to document my exploration and bring some fun to the task as well. I am not sure what form all of this will take; I am also not sure what form this blog is going to take over the course of this next year, however, I hope that Little Wesley will provide some variety to the theological musings and some entertainment to the Wesley Study Centre. To make things easier, I put a link below the header where you can click and see only the posts about Little Wesley’s journeys. I hope this is helpful.

Little Wesley in his own carrying case

I would like to thank Rev. Bobby Hallyburton and Asbury for this present, and his friendship this summer. Also thank you to all those who have been and will have to put up with him along this journey.

With all that said, in the words of the much larger John Wesley, “the world is my parish!” Let’s start the adventure!

The adventure takes a dramatic turn here.


Author: subway prophet

I am a husband, father, and Provisional Elder in the United Methodist Church currently appointed to Memorial UMC in Fernandina Beach, FL. I am a proud graduate of Duke Divinity School and Florida Southern College as well as member of the Wesley Study Centre and St. Johns College in Durham, UK. All posts are my own opinions at the time they are posted and I reserve the ability to change my mind and opinions as I continue to listen to the Holy Spirit and read Scripture with those around me.

5 thoughts on “Meet Little Wesley

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  3. What a great idea Drew! I come from Pudsey in West Yorkshire – there is a lot of Methodist Heritage around that area. There is also a Moravian Settlement which is interesting to visit – for of course it was with the Moravians that Wesley felt ‘strangely warmed’ by God’s presence. If you ever want to visit on a weekend you’d be very welcome.

    I’m guessing you’ve heard of the Methodist Heritage handbook etc?

    Looking forward to hearing about little Wesley’s travels!

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