Subway Prophet

…and the words of the prophets were written on the subway walls…

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#MUMCbelieves Reflection on Exodus 3



This is one of the trees I saw on my ride in this morning.

When the Lord saw that he was coming to look, God called to him out of the bush, “Moses, Moses!” Moses said, “I’m here.” Exodus 3:4


I often ride my bike to work in the morning. because I am usually running late, I am in a bit of a hurry. This morning, however, I decided to take my time. I looked at the beautiful oak trees that cover the street in front of my house, I saw how  many flowers and trees are starting to bloom. And I realized how much I miss. We live on this beautiful island and I do not take advantage of it.

Moses was out at the edge of the desert minding his own business and then he noticed something different. A bush engulfed in flames and so he got curious. I had not noticed before that God only speaks to him after he comes over to investigate the situation. I think this is significant. How are we missing what God wants to say to us because we don’t see the signs around us?

God has given us this beautiful creation and uses it to direct all of creation towards a relationship with its Creator. Our role, like Moses is to  keep our eyes open and listen for God to speak to us.